R&D - Quality Policy

Machinery that operates on sensitive surfaces like lawns and turfs need to be equipped. Only special purpose-built tires can protect the surface from damage and avoid soil compaction. At Yokohama Off-Highway Tires, we have developed a dedicated range of tires that meet these requirements. Our tires are designed with utmost precision to provide maximum protection to gardens, lawns, and turfs. Our range includes tires for a variety of lawn and turf machines like utility tractors, golf carts, mowers, etc.

Few of the advantages of having our lawn, garden, and turf tires by your side:

  • Tires equipped to provide enhanced riding comfort.
  • Excellent self-cleaning and turf protection.
  • High fuel efficiency and long tire life.

Find the right off-road tire fix for your precision lawn, garden, and turf needs from Yokohama Off-Highway Tires.