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Working at ATG means an opportunity to explore your potential in a challenging atmosphere. ATG promises continuous growth and the joy of working with a pool of experienced and growth oriented team members. ATG’s global presence offers opportunities to grow across countries and continents.

If you have the passion to succeed, we have the opportunities to ensure you thrive. So, be part of this dynamic ecosystem. Be part of us. Be with ATG.

What to Expect

  • 1 CV Review & Shortlist
  • 2 HR Round
  • 3 First Interview
  • 4 Psychometric Test
  • 5 Final Interview
  • 6 Offer


1. What is YOHT’s process for recruiting Freshers?
We recruit Freshers through our Campus Recruitment Program and do not generally open lateral recruitments requiring work experience to fresh graduates. If you should be interested in an opportunity at YOHT ask your college Placement cell to contact us.

2. How do I apply for an internship at YOHT?
We recruit interns directly from campuses. For internship opportunities, the college internship/ training co-ordinator should connect with us at

  1. 1. Where can I find the open positions?

The open positions can be viewed by clicking on the Opportunities tab.

  1. 2. I was not hired for the specific job I applied for. Will I be considered for other jobs at YOHT in the future?

Yes. Your application will be retained in the system and when a commensurate position should open up the resume would be considered. You can also reapply for future openings by applying in the Opportunities tab.

  1. 3. How long will my resume be retained by YOHT?

The resume will be retained in the system for 6 months.

  1. 4. Can I email a copy of my resume to apply?

We recommend you apply through the Opportunities tab. Should you have any queries kindly drop a mail to the concerned location email address provided below.

  1. 5.How can I find out the status of my application?

Please drop a mail to the concerned location email address provided below to check the status.

  1. 1. Is there a policy at YOHT for reimbursement of my travel to the location of interview?

Yes, we reimburse travel expenses for candidates travelling from out of station. For further details please contact the Point of Contact/Recruiter or drop a mail to the concerned location email address provided below.

  1. 2. When will I get feedback about my interview?

The interview feedback will be communicated via mail. It may take time if the position/your candidature is on hold. Kindly contact the concerned Point of Contact for further clarifications.

  1. 1. What is the annual appraisal cycle followed at YOHT?

The annual appraisal cycle is by the calendar year from January to December. Those joining before September 30th will have to undergo appraisal in that year’s appraisal cycle.

2. What is the probation period at YOHT?

The Probation/Training period is as below:

a. Trainees: 1 year training period from the date of joining

b.  Junior Supervisor to Deputy General Manager: 6 months’ probation period from the date of joining

3. What are the weekly-offs at YOHT?

In the factories we follow a 6-day week while at the corporate offices we follow a 5-day week.

Location Contact
HO, Mumbai
APAC and India Sales
YOHT, Europe
YOHT, Israel