398 MPT


398 MPT

The Alliance 398 MPT is a high-speed flotation radial tire designed to excel in multiple applications. The increasing focus on efficiency allows machinery to perform equally weill in both on and off road operations. The Alliance 398 MPT moves effortlessly between the field and the road, enhancing productivity and reducing cycle time, while its high load carrying and high speed capability on the road saves both time and money.


High Traction

Getting more work done on the job site means working your machinery longer and harder, and can put extra pressure on your tires. Galaxy tires' robust radial construction and special compounds makes them capable of excelling even in the most extreme working conditions.

High Speed (up to 62 MPH)

Unique ‘S’ shaped center block provides stable smooth rides even at high speeds. The design also ensures low noise at high speeds and reduces heat build-up.

All-Steel Construction

All-steel construction allows for high loading capacity and offers puncture resistance in the field. It also ensures high carcass durability and low rolling resistance.

Low Soil Compaction

Large footprint area ensures low ground pressure and hence low soil compaction even with high loads.

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