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11 Mar

March 11, 2021

New rubber compounds further enhance cut resistance and heat resistance / Three variants in three sizes to match customer demands – application specific and purpose-built / Excellent durability and minimum downtime

Launched only in 2019, one of the most modern radial OTR tires for mining operations Galaxy HTSR 400 (E-4/L-4) is now available in two new variants of execution: cut resistant and heat resistant compound versions. These special compounds further enhance the tire’s heat or cut resistance, thus adding to the range’s remarkable application specific capabilities. Depending on individual operational demands, customers can now choose between standard, cut or heat resistant compounds in three sizes each.

Made for diverse heavy-duty operations in extreme environments

Designed for articulated dump trucks and wheel loaders operating with heavy loads in extreme working environments, the Galaxy HTSR 400 tire range features a robust all-steel radial construction, as well as a special belt and a sidewall protector. The deep tread pattern, the open channel tread design and the optimum lug to void ratio were deliberately chosen to ensure excellent traction, enhanced self-cleaning characteristics and a long tyre life.

Having the choice makes the difference

Customers on articulated dump trucks (E-4) operating in the mines can opt for HTSR 400 with the heat resistant compound. The heat resistance compound is specially built for high-speed long-haul applications, which require the capability to operate with heavy loads over longer distances and longer operating hours, avoiding the overheating of the tires.

Customers can equally opt for superior cut and chip protection needed for uneven, sharp-edged and aggressive terrains like abrasive rock quarries with a permanently high risk of stone cuts that often characterize working environments of wheel loaders (L-4). Moreover, the cut resistant compound ensures low tyre wear, greater durability and longer tire life.

The standard compound version of the tire is an optimised solution between the cut and heat resistant versions and can equally operate in all working conditions. Whatever the circumstances – the different variants of the HTSR 400 deliver the respective optimum performance.

“By adding the two new variants ‘cut resistant’ and ‘heat resistant’ to the HTSR 400 tyre range, we make sure that owners and operators of heavy-duty machines on construction sites, in mining operations and comparable working environments can make the best choice and get the best performance – application specific and customised to their individual needs – and with minimum downtime, says Pravin Job, Head of Sales, Western Europe for Galaxy brand (part of Yokohama Off-Highway Tyres).

Three variants, three sizes each

Galaxy HTSR 400 (E-4/L-4) is now extended to 9 SKUs: three variants of rubber compounds in three sizes each (23.5R25, 26.5R25 and 29.5R25). All variants and sizes are already available for the further orders.