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8 Months of Agri Star ll in France. Opinion?

16 Jan

January 16, 2023

Olivier Gayet: “Tires help optimising working time”
When searching for a replacement of the worn-out tires on one of his John Deere tractors, French contractor Olivier Gayet evaluated the quality/price-ratio of different tire brands. That’s how he came to choose the Alliance Agri Star II!

Olivier Gayet

Olivier Gayet is running an agricultural contracting business in Pipriac, a commune of 3000 inhabitants that is located halfway between Rennes and Redong. Founded in 1968 by his father, Olivier manages the company since 2002. It offers a broad range of services such as the application of liquid manure, the spreading of solid manure, planting maize, harvesting grass silage, hay and other crops as well as sowing wheat in autumn, for example.

Knowing the challenges, searching for solutions …
Olivier Gayet recalls: “Early in 2022, I was facing the need to replace worn out tires on one of my John Deere 7230R tractors. As I am constantly trying to improve performance and outcome of my business and machinery, I did not simply go for a replacement: As the liquid manure and manure spreading activity is quite important for the company, we have to change tires regularly because there are 3 units that do this for 6 to 7 months of the year. That is a big and tire-consuming job.” That is why Olivier decided to test new – and potentially better – tires to make up for this activity.

Spraying manure

Quality and price as key criteria
When considering the acquisition of new tires, performance on the road and in the field, comfort and particularly wear often are decisive criteria. For Olivier, however, tire choices are mainly made on the basis of the perceived quality/price-ratio. So, following his own market survey and after listening to other farmers’ enthusiastic reports about their experiences with the Alliance Agri Star II, Olivier made his choice: “We wanted to change a little bit and try this new series of tires from Alliance, the Agri Star II”, he says and adds his motto at that time: “So now that they are mounted, let’s try them out.”

“We’ve been able to optimise working time”
Following about eight months of challenging operations, Olivier Gayet looks back at the time of this decision and is more than satisfied. “We have done 1000 hours of work with them, a lot of transport, and we have been able to see that with these Agri Star II tires, we have never had any traction problems in terms of grip on the road and in the fields. It has gone very well, we have not had any particular difficulties and we can see that the wear is appropriate for the amount of work we have had to do with this tractor.” As increasing efficiency remains a key objective for the contractor, Olivier is more than happy with the results achieved so far. “Thanks to these Agri Star II tires, we have been able to optimise the working time and therefore have a very good quality/price-ratio on this range of tires”, he says.

Prepared to mount the Agri Star II on further tractors …
“During these 8 months of activity, we were able to carry out a lot of transportation tasks, in particular the transport of liquid manure, transportation services on earthwork sites as well as sowing.” So, Olivier’s conclusion is clear: “It is a range of tires which suits us very well, and I am prepared to adopt the Agri Star II from Alliance on further tractors whenever new tires are due.”

By the way: with 800/70R38 and 210/95R18, Alliance just added 2 more sizes to the already impressive range of Agri Star II tires in the 65, 70, 85 and 95 series. The two new sizes mean further high-performance tire options for modern, sustainability-oriented agricultural businesses around the globe.